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Duelists of the Roses was an almost forgotten sequel to the game Forbidden Memories. These games both have their own unique dueling style different from the traditional table based card game you're used to.

In Duelists of the Roses, you control the cards on the board as pawns similar to a chess game. Each spot on the grid has its own terrain and each type of card is strong or weak in different terrains. You and one opponent both have deck leaders, when attacked directly you inflict direct damage. 


Arrow Keys: Move

C - With deck leader selected; brings up summoning grid

Space - Select

D - With card selected, change position

F - With card selected, flip

E - End turn.

G - Show graveyard.


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DOR_PB2_Linux.zip 142 MB
DOR_PB2_macOS.zip 141 MB
DOR_PB2_Win32.zip 137 MB

Development log


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Did you add anything to the game your just ramake it? Would be nice to have it for Linux. We don't have many Linux games. 


Most of the additions are in the engine switch. 

By using Unity, I was able to target higher resolutions (I currently test at 2560x1440) and still hit 60fps. Then of course I added some post processing. At this point, I'm just trying to get it equivalent with the PS2 version. The infrastructure is there to add more cards. I could open it up to modders.

I'm not relying on any exotic libraries at all, a Linux port would just be a matter of me setting up a Linux install and testing it.

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You got the talent mate.   Let it open for modders If you can. Mods in skyrim made the game 1000% better.

Linux version would be very welcomed. <3

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Thanks mate.

I'd like to experiment with interjecting cards in. Normal monsters would be easy, effect monsters would be interesting. I plotted about 20 -25 classes needed (with testing, and lots of configuration options. of course with inheritance too) so I would have to abstract that. Not too bad though just a matter of well documenting things.

It may be more fun to open up the modding portion first before I add the rest of the cards.

Linux coming as soon as I drag an old desktop out..... I dont daily drive Linux but still appreciate the platform. VMs wont let me open Blender or Unity unfortunately.


We could talk via Discord or something. Maybe we could make a new game in the future. Right now I can't code But I know what the user what. I'am really good with creativity.

I've got a Linux build going up soon. I cross compiled from my MacBook Pro through Unity, so please let me know if there are any issues.